Gia High Class Escort in Kiev

Gia Escort in Kiev
Gia Escort in Kiev

Gia Escort is a high price service, so only worth, if you don`t care how much you will spend. The price is different from girl to girl and start with around 1000 UAH per hour. They also will guarantee that their pictures are real, but we did 3 tests till now. Two girls looked like the picture, one was absolutly different, so be prepared to send your girl back, if she don`t match your requirement! What we like a lot is, that you can see very detailed informations about the service and body type for every girls profile. 


Phone: (0038)-0445844090


Kiev Nightlife Guide checked: January 2015

If you met some of the girls of Gia Escort, we would be very thankfull, if you could leave a comment here to share your experience. 

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    Luxury Escorts Zurich (Friday, 01 May 2015 14:56)

    This is a good agency, when i was in Kiev i tested them and the girls are very nice.

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    Drake (Saturday, 14 June 2014 03:29)

    I was with a girl whose name was Ruslana. It was expensive but she was just as she looked in the picture, very eager and willing. Also good company outside of the bedroom. Only drawback, is she was just off her period and there was a little blood. She was embarrassed but said she did not want to cancel booking because she needed the money.

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