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Here we will provide some tips to make your trip to kiev a little bit more secure. Kiev is a secure city, so there is no need to worry, but like all over the world, also in Kiev there are several cheaters who only wait for the "stupid" tourist to rip them off. But if you be a little bit carefull, than you can enjoy Kiev safe!

Hotel against Appartment in Kiev

You will find a lot of agencies and offers for cheap appartments in Kiev. Most time they will be cheaper than a comparable hotel room, even if you only stay some days there. The advantage will be, that you can party in your own privacy, with not need to register a girl that you will take with you and also no need for the girl or you to tip any security at the entry. On the other side, a lot of the agencies will ask for a prepay, and it could happen, that you pay, arrive in kiev and no one will pick you up, and also no appartment for you around. 

Helpfull Warning: Avoid Appartment Prepay, if you don`t know the agency. We will try to recommand some trustfull ones here.

Taxi at the Kiev Airport

Like in the most cities all around the world, also in Kiev there is a big risk to be cheated by illegal taxi drivers. The normal rate for a taxi will be around 2-3 UAH for one kilometer in the city, outside of the city around 4 UAH each kilometer. The basic price will be 20 UAH including 5 km. If you like to take a taxi with aircondition, you should be charged with additional 15 UAH. When you arrive at the airport, you have to be carefull when you select the taxi. They know strangers don`t know the different between a legal and illegal taxi, so easy for them to find a victim. The taxi fee from the airport (Borisopol) to the city center should be around 250 to 400 UAH. Be carefull, that you take a "official" taxi, otherwise the fee also can be 10 times higher. 

Helpfull Warning: Check the taxi company and use only the official ones: AVTO-Ukraine und Inter Avia.

Prostitution and Law in the Ukraine

Officially any kind of prostitution is forbidden in Kiev, so this is why you will find some remarks on massage pages, that they don`t offer any intimate service, even the pictures and price list will show something else. At the moment the situation is "relaxed", that means there is no need for you to worry, because the police will not care about you and the girls, as long as you both are over 18 years and no illegal pressure to the girl. But you should be very carefull, if a girl look too young or even tell you she is under 18 years. Child prostitution is also very popular in Kiev, but strikly forbidden and here the police first will work with undercover agents act like they are teens, second if you will be catched, you definitly will be in serious trouble!

Helpfull Warning: Avoid any kind of deals with girls, they look younger than 18 years. If you are not sure, ask them for their passport! Don`t go to any risk with too young girls in Kiev!

Sexual Diseases in Kiev

Ukraine has - compared with the rest of europe - a very high HIV infection rate of around 1,3 %. Because of the illegal business of prostitution, there are also no regular health checks, so be carefull!

Helpfull Warning: Avoid any kind of sexual practice with a high infection rate! Use condoms and practice saver sex in Kiev!

Independent Escort Girls in Kiev?

Most profiles in directories about kiev escort service will try to tell you, that you will contact a real independent girl. If you will spend a lot of time, you will find out, that for example same phone numbers will be used by different girls profiles, so you can be sure, it is a "hidden" agency. Even if the webpage will tell you something about "real proved independent girl with real picture", you never can be sure this page is not provided by a agency. We found several pages like that till now in Kiev. We will try to built up a indpendent data base here, so please help us with your comments and experience. 

Helpfull Warning: Don`t believe a webpage, that will promise you real indpendent girls. Still a big risk to contact a agency there!

Thief in your Hotel or Appartment

If you take a girl to your Hotel or Appartment in Kiev, never forget that she is a stranger and she will be with you for a longer time, so she also will have a chance to check, what she can get from you. Same than all over the world, you should be prepared for that. If you have a safe, use it! If not, than you should hide your money and important papers in a place she can not find easy. 

Helpfull Warning: Hide your money and valuables in a secure place, if you take home a girl! Always better to be prepared than to be robbed!

Escort Agency Prepay

Some Escort agencies in Kiev will ask for prepay money, if you like to book a girl. From the Agency side, it will make sense, because you book the girl, so that time she can not see any other customer, and if you don`t show up, they will loose money. But on the other side, this business is illegal, so if they got the money already and the girl don`t show up, you can do nothing to get back your money. So better look forward to another agency, if they don`t give up ask you for prepay. 

Helpfull Warning: Never ever accept any kind of prepay to a escort agency in Kiev! Don`t risk to loose your money for nothing!

Escort Girls and Girls Pictures in Kiev

When you check out the internet pages for kiev escort girls, you will find hundreds of profiles of young sexy girls there. But same than all over the world, there is no need to believe that the russian supermodel on the picture will also show up in your hotel for 50$ per hour. A lot of the pictures will be fakes (especially on the escort agency pages). First the business is illegal, so some girls are scared about legal problems, second they want to keep their privacy. Friend and family should not know what they do in their "free time": You always can follow the rule: if something look too good, most time it is not good! So as more professional the pictures, as less chance they are real. But also the girls and agencies are not stupid, so they will also take amateur pictures as faked ones, they only will look more trustfull for the customers. There is no chance to avoid this, but one strategy could be, you tell them very clear, that if the girl look different to the picture, you will send her away, even without any tip for taxi. Than some will not come, others will take the risk and show up, and as long as they match your tast, you still can keep them. We will built up a data base here with real girl profiles, but we will need your help to check them, so please leave comments here! Escort Girls

Helpfull Warning: Don`t trust any picture for escort girls in the web. Even they tell you it is real, still a big chance for a fake!

Wallet Scam in Kiev

At the moment a very popular trick will be used to steal money from tourists. You will walk around and than a guy (or girl) in front of you will loose her/his wallet. As a gentleman you will pick it up and call the guy/girl back to hand over the wallet. Than he/she will check it and scream, that there is money missing. Then some people around (some of them are in a team with the scammer) will ask you to show your wallet to prove you don`t have their money. As soon as you put out your wallet, one of the guys will take it and run away. That`s it!

Helpfull Warning: Never ever pick up something others have lost!

Trick Fraud at ATM

At the moment the skimming fraud is very popular in the Ukraine. So if you use cash machine there, please don`t forget to check the machine before you take cash. And if something look "suspicious", better select another ATM. And if you put in your number, make very sure that no one (and also no hidden camera anywhere) can see what you are typing. And also check your account balance frequently, so that you can realise it fast, if someone had stolen your account information. 

Helpfull Warning: Check unusual manipulation of ATMs.

Drugs in Kiev

In Kiev the law against drugs is very strict. Even if you will be catched with very very less stoff of a soft drug, you can be prisoned for 1 to 11 years and the police in Kiev is very tough. 

Helpfull Warning: Avoid any contacts to drugs (even soft drugs) while you stay in Kiev!

Drink and drive

The law agains driving with alcohol is also very strict. If you will be cathed with more than 0.2 per mille alcohol in the blood, the fee can go up to 8000 UAH, even for the first time. And if you don`t pay, they can keep your car as "deposit". 

Helpfull Warning: Don`t drink and drive (especially in Kiev)!

Don`t expect Girls to be too thankful for a Invitation

The relationship between man and woman is different in every culture. In east europe, same than in most areas in asia, the man will be the one who give and the girl will be the one who will be spoiled! So don`t be angry or dissapointed, if you invite a girl in Kiev to anything and she will not thank you for that. The girls will give back something to you, you can be sure, but it is not required for them to say "thank you" to a man. 

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