Kiev Strip Clubs

In Kiev Strip Clubs are legal, so you will have a big selection and also no need to be afraid about anything. We will introduce you to the best places we found in town. If you want to no more about the general service in a Strip Club here in Kiev, just check it out here: 

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Best Strip Club in Kiev

The best Strip Club in Kiev for visitors we found till now is the Rio Club. There stuff and also the most girls will speak a decent english, so first no problem to communicate. Second they offer reasonable prices for drinks and private dances (less than some other clubs), but most important point is, that you also can take out most of their girls later, if you really like them. They are located in the city center and opend from afteroon to early morning 7 days a week, so if you don`t mind to spend some money, there is no need why you have to go home alone. They also serve some food (Sushi), so also a place for a midnight or early morning snack. Rio Club

Top Strip Clubs we found in Kiev

One of the biggest Strip Club in Kiev is the Star Rino in the center of the city. The Club has around 130 seats and around 20 to 30 sexy dancers. The girls will walk around in the club to contact you, if they are not on stage, so easy for you to get in contact with them. And they are nice to be with and you only have to invite them for normal drinks. The girls are available for a private dance, but not for take them out. Star Rino

Paradise Cabaret is located in a 5 Star hotel and it is also the most exclusive Strip Club you can find in Kiev. They have a lot of stunning sexy girls there, also a great Barkeeper and the cuisine is worth to try - if you don`t mind to spend out a little bit more money. They offer a very professional show, also private dances and some girls will also be willing to arrange a private date beside the Club business.  Paradise Cabaret

Peppermint (Mint Nosorog) is another upscaled Strip Club in Kiev. They don`t have a lot of space for customers, but a lot of hot girls there. Here you can also get Sushi food for your midnight snack. Check out their webpage. They have very sexy girls profile pictures on the page. (no regular takeout of the girls!) Peppermint

More Kiev Strip Clubs for you

Red Heat Strip Bar The Club is small, but they have a crazy "Menue" where you can offer all the things for a hot party.

If you know any Strip Club in Kiev we should list here, please leave the contact information here (name, webpage and so on), than we will check it out and list it here. Thank you for your support. 

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    Меня это не останавливает Руся К2 значок депутата ВР 3-4 скликаня! Замовлю тест Отсовства и посажу в колонию!
    Гарик Серкисян...

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    nazar Serdyuk (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 06:34)

    love the girls!!! best place in town ! if you need a translator, also open to sharing an girl , i am bisexual too haha

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    guy (Sunday, 30 July 2017 08:17)

    saw some smoke shows at paradise

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    Hi how can I find the stip dance

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