About Kiev Strip Clubs

If you never visit a Strip Club in Kiev, you should check out this page to avoid missunderstanding. We will give you some background information about the way they charge and what you can expect to get. Generally, there are cheaper and much more clubs than we can introduce here, but if you don`t speak ukrainien or russian, it is not easy to go there (they will not be in the city center) and also not so secure. So we selected more western oriented clubs, but they also will charge a little bit more. 

Strip Clubs and Prostitution

The working girls in a Strip Club are no Prostitutes. That means, you can get shows, private dances and so on, but you can not expect any kind of sex service in the club. This would be illegal and the club could loose the licence. 

What you can get in a Strip Club in Kiev

Stage Dance in the Club

In a normal Strip Club or Bar in Kiev you will first have different female dancers. They will do a show on the stage, most time including the pole dance (on the pipe on the stage). The girls in the show finally will be totally naked, but it is not allowed to touch them. 

Private Dance (Lap Dance)

Most Clubs will offer a private dance (or lap dance). This service you pay extra. Normally it will take 5 to 15 minutes (most clubs use the length of the music for that, so for example in Rio Club you will get one song where the girl is topless, the next song the girl will be totally naked. While she dance and strip, she will be on your legs, between your legs and very near to everything you want to see. Really hot experience! Officially you are not allowed to touch the girls but in most clubs there will also be a private room and so no one know what happend between you and the girl. Than it depends what she is willing to do and what she is willing to accept what you do (but don`t expect sex or any similar service). 

Take out the Dancers

In some Clubs you also can arrange a private date with the girl for outside, than you leave and meet her in front of the Club. What will happen later between you both is nothing the club is involved.

What you have to pay in a Club

First there will be a entry fee. It should be around 100 UAH to 200 UAH per person. Than you will have to pay for the drinks (and for example food). The price will depend on the level of the club, but even the cheapest club will be much more expensive than a normal bar or nightclub. Than you have to pay for every lap dance you order. Price here will be around 200 UAH to 300 UAH for a round. If you want to take out a girl, you first have to spend some money in the Club (not less than 500 UAH in most clubs), than later the girl will charge around 1500 UAH up to 3000 UAH for the night. 

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