Rio Strip- and Nightclub in Kiev

Rio is one of the most famous Strip Clubs in Kiev. Since 2002 they offer high quality sexy dance shows and a lot of gorgeous girls on 3 levels. The Club is located in the city center. They have around 30 to 50 different girls each night. You can have a drink there, watch the girls, call one of the hotties for a private dance or lap dance. As a special they also offer a PIP show, where the girl will dance behind the glass. And, most important, the Club is the best place in town, if you also want to stay the rest of the night with a sexy hot dancer. 

What will go on when you come to Rio

They have english speaking stuff, so no problem to communicate. Also most of the girls will be able to speak english. When you take place, you can watch the girls dancing on 3 pole stages. Every time when the song change, they will change the stage, the last girl will leave and a "fresh" girl will show up on the first stage. If you like, you can ask the manager of your area to invite the girl to your table. Be fast, because first call, first move, so don`t wait to long, if you like one of the dancers. When she come to your place, you can talk with her, invite her for a drinks or ask her for a lap dance or for a private dance. The girls in Rio are not so gready, so don`t be afraid they will order the most expensive drinks like in other clubs. While you talk with her, you also can try to arrange to call her out later. 

VIP Lounge

They have a VIP-Level, so if you built up some relationship to the managers there, could be you will be invited upstairs. Some of the really hot girls work only in the vip area and never will be on stage downstairs. In the VIP-Area you also can stay at your place for a private dance, because there is a curtain they can close to keep the dance private.

Private Dance in Rio Club

A private dance will be very hot. The first song she will take of her top, for the second song she will be totaly nude. Most time, you can touch, lick or kiss the girls everywhere (but not between the legs) and she also will make you hot an touch you where ever you think it make you hot. 

Take out your Girl

If you like to take out your girl, you can talk with her or with the manager. Than later they will inform you that she will wait for you somewhere outside.

Tip: if you like the girl, don`t be shy and ask her for her number, than you can arrange a date much more easy (and cheaper) next time. 

The Rio Club will open at 4 pm and close when the last customer leave, most time not before 6 am, so it is a great place to finish the night, when most other bars are closed already.


Entry fee: 150 UAH

Drinks: starts from 35 UAH

Lap Dance / Private Dance: 400 UAH (2 Songs)

Take Out: 5000 UAH

Location / Contact

Street: Bogdana Hmelnitskogo str 30/10. Easy to find behind the opera and very near to the german embassy.
Phone: (0038)044- 2343292
Web: Rio Club


Kiev Nightlife Guide checked: February 2015

if you ever visit the Rio Club in Kiev, we would be very happy, if you could share your experience - good or bad - here with us. Thank you very much for your support to keep our page up to date. 

Comments: 28
  • #28

    Richard Taylor (Thursday, 21 February 2019 11:28)

    Hi, I am an Australian guy and have just arrived home after a holiday taking in the Ukraine. Without doubt, my first trip to Rio Strip Club was a high light and one I will not forget. All your girls are lovely but I know I have a preference for attractive, sensual dancers with curvy bottoms. I spent a plenty of money with you and were intimate with a couple of your girls, Lucy, Michelle, but quite special was Nina (tall blond wearing glasses), who I adored. Firstly I would like to compliment you on your running of this establishment and secondly ask if I can be advised if Nina would be available to be with me, upon my expected return in August ?. I will contact you closer to my return but would appreciate if you can at least consult with Nina to find her response?
    Kind Regards,

  • #27

    lorzy (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 20:15)

    take out? can you fuc..k the girl?

  • #26

    Peter (Monday, 30 October 2017 05:20)

    I'm an American visiting Kiev. Here's my advice when you go to Club Rio. Dress up and look like you have money. The entrance fee is now 400 uah, a Heineken will cost you 132 uah. A private dance is now 500 uah. Most of the girls range in age from 19 to 25. In general most are either beautiful, very beautiful, or stunning. Spend the money for a VIP dance if you think you might want to take the girl out. Take out service is for 3 hours and now cost 300 US dollars.

  • #25

    Paul (Saturday, 30 September 2017 17:00)

    I like your site but it has become way too out of date. Still listing places as open that are closed, one example being Vodka Bar. Also on prices Rio is now 400 entrance (if my memory is correct) and 500 a dance. I hope you update your site.

  • #24

    guy (Thursday, 15 June 2017 15:11)

    you can see some ridiculously hot women here, love the place

  • #23

    Joshua (Thursday, 16 February 2017 23:46)

    I was there tonight. There were girls like Victoria Secret model, girls like living next door, or you see in the metro. I liked the place. No harrassment, no push to sell anything, respectful, discrete and clean. I will go again for sure.

  • #22

    RIO club Official web site (Sunday, 08 January 2017 20:13)

    press please "RIO club Oficcial web site"

  • #21

    Nataliia (Sunday, 08 January 2017 20:10)

    How I can change web site for strip club RIO?
    New web site RIO club is:

  • #20

    Tom (Thursday, 06 October 2016 21:07)

    Pretty girls
    I was asked for 7000 for take out but maybe that was just me

  • #19

    Josh (Friday, 30 September 2016 04:08)

    There is much to day about rioclubbut in 2 word.expensive and awesome. Yes the clubis pretty expensive but girls re amazing. There are 3 rooms i prefer the bottom and the 1 next to vip. Vip is the 4th idea why its named vip.
    You have to find eye contact and a girl eho likes u. She will even ask for 400$ for 2 guys instead of 600$ if she likes u. So find eye contact. Get the price a bit lower and have a crazy night.


  • #18

    Matt (Thursday, 08 September 2016 22:44)

    Take out price for an hour?

  • #17

    A (Saturday, 13 August 2016 17:25)

    Entry fee: 300 UAH
    Private Dance: 500 UAH (2 Songs)

  • #16

    J (Wednesday, 11 May 2016 16:18)

    May 2016:
    Entrance 300
    Private 400

  • #15

    Flower (Tuesday, 26 January 2016 10:01)

    We provide best vip escort for serious and generous man +38098-716-81-83

  • #14

    Matt D (Friday, 09 October 2015 09:21)

    Worst place to relax. I had more fun at my fathers funeral.

  • #13

    omid (Saturday, 26 September 2015 23:05)

    Hello I want a girle to night . Howmach

  • #12

    Kiev Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 February 2015 15:06)

    @Iceman: thank you for your comment, we changed it, now should be up to date!

    Have fun in Kiev,


  • #11

    Iceman (Saturday, 21 February 2015 11:57)

    I was at Rio last week. The only thing is that the prices have changed. Lap dance is 400UAH for 2 songs and taking a girl out is 5000UAH

  • #10

    Tom (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 23:40)

    I agree to the guys before!
    It´s not good at all!

  • #9

    Grant (Tuesday, 02 September 2014 03:58)

    Went there on a Monday night, about 2AM. Was the most boring strip club I have ever been to and I have been to many, all over the world. The girls were unenthusiastic and totally disinterested. The dancing wss lame. I asked a girll that I liked to have a drink with me and she refused, because she did not speak English. I said, I dont care. She said sorry and walked away. Imagine being rejected in a strip club! You pay to go inside, because the girls are supposed to pretend to like you. This is the point. I was embarrassed, paid my bill and left. This club is the worse. If you want good strip clubs, with girls that are fun and make you feel good, go to Odessa. This club sucks. Bigtime.

  • #8

    Ethan (Friday, 23 May 2014 20:11)

    I would avoid this club. I give it thumbs down. The excessive presence of security is alarming. You feel like one misstep and you're not going to ever leave Kiev. The girls are overall very attractive but unlike in other countries cultural norms keep your interaction with them rather tame.

  • #7

    brian (Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:01)

    I was there also saturday with a friend and it was great. We left around 5 with 2 girls, the girl I was with was blond and about 24 but the number she gave me unfortunately was lost, I want to see her again but how can I contact her ?

  • #6

    Okan (Saturday, 12 April 2014 22:55)

    yes I have been there. İt is really nice. Everything was great especially private dance:))) I strongly recommend to visit.

  • #5

    Jerry (Wednesday, 14 August 2013 03:18)

    Had a good evening, nice place and pretty girls. The private dance offered was good. Girls can speak English which is a big plus in Kyiv. The strip bar was also fun, beer was tad bit on the costlier side. Didn't visit the VIP enclosure, but whatever I experienced in the main area was good. Overall quite a gratifying experience.

  • #4

    Turkish advice (Monday, 12 November 2012 21:05)

    We spend 3 nights at rio 3 stages for girls,best is at downstairs,there is also vip,we had been in all stages for 3 days.Vip part has nothing special only for the guests who doesnt want to be seem much.Prices 300$ for all girls but it changes to the girl like some of them ask 300$ for 1 hour,some of them ask for 2 or 3 hours depends on girl and how much they like you,and they dont wanna come to your apartment generally.You had to get a lap dance or offer a drink to the girl to ask for going out.The staff is quite friendly.Except lap dance or exc we generally spend 50 $ for a night including enterance and 5 drinks like vodka..

  • #3

    Oli (Monday, 11 June 2012 20:48)

    Thank you for the tip. I was there last week. Spend around € 200,- in the club and € 250,- for the girl for a long time session. Not a GFE, but overall ok.

  • #2

    Rodruigez (Sunday, 10 June 2012 01:36)

    Thanks for the advice, picked out a stunner! Got some real GFE the night, together with a great BBBJCIM! Not standart in Kiev!

  • #1

    Peter (Sunday, 27 May 2012 20:08)

    I went there several times on my stay in kiev. All together a night starts in Rio and ends in my hotel room cost me around 400 €, but for some special day, it is a great choice, because you know exactly what you will get. Also bookes some cheap escorts, but nearly never the girl looked like expected. In Rio I know what I will take home, so even more expensive, it is worth the investment!

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